The Golf Local Rules are designed for the purpose of regulating the playing of golf at KELAB GOLF BINTULU.
1.Complaint Against Members
 Any member of the Club may make a written complaint against another member to the Management Committee.
 The letter of complaint shall consists of the following :
 a.Name of Complainant.
 b.Member complained against.
 c.Subject matter of the complaint including date and time of incident complained of.
 d.Subject matter of the complaint shall include but is not limited to the following :-
  i)Destruction, damaging or doing acts which are detrimental to the Club’s property and image.
  ii)Unruly behaviors within the Club’s premises.
  iii)Fighting within the Club’s premises.
  iv)Dangerous play on the course or cheating / dishonesty during a competition organized by the Club.
  v)Any acts which are deemed to fall within Clause 10.5 of the Club Constitution.
 The Management Committee Member(s) and its representative who witnessed any of the incident mentioned in Paragraph 1 (i) – (v) above shall bring the same to the attention of the Management Committee without having to give a written complaint.
2.Procedure when Complaint brought to the Attention of the Management Committee.
 At the Monthly Meeting of the Management Committee or at any Meeting specifically called to discuss a complaint, the Management Committee shall deliberate over the content of the complaint.
 a)Where No Action Needed
  Upon deliberation of the complaint and in the event that the Management Committee are of the opinion that no further action is needed, it shall then inform the complainant of its decision without assigning any reasons thereto.
 b)Where Further Action Needed
  Upon deliberation of the complaint and in the event the Management Committee are of the opinion that further actions are needed, the Management Committee may take any or all of the following actions :-
  i)Request in writing to the complainant to provide further details of the complaint.
  ii)Request the member complained against to reply in writing within ten (10) days why action should not be taken against the member complained.
 c)Upon Receive of Reply to Show Cause
  Upon receive of the reply the Management Committee shall at its Meeting deliberate its content and shall thereafter :-
  i)Dismiss the complaint or call the member to the meeting.
  ii)Give warning to the member complained or
  iii)Suspend the member concerned or
  iv)Expel the member concerned.
  In taking any of the action above mentioned the Management Committee shall take into consideration the following :-
  i)The nature of the offence ;
  ii)The severity of the offence ; and
  iii)Other extenuating circumstance.
3.Procedure to Inform Member of Action Taken
 Once the Management Committee decides to take any one of the action stated in Paragraph 2 (c) above, the Management Committee shall then :-
 a)Inform either by Post or By Hand the Complainant and or the member complained of by writing addressed to the Complainant and or the member complained of at the address given to the Club in the application form or the latest address given to the Club.
 b)In addition to Paragraph 3 (a) above the Management Committee shall put on the Notice Board at the Club’s premises the action taken against the member complained of the putting of such notice shall be deemed good service on the members concerned.
4.Grounds of Decisions
 The Management Committee shall in taking any to the actions mentioned in Paragraph 2 (c) above shall and is not obliged to give any reason at all for the actions taken against the members complained of.
5.Right of Appeal (Appeal to Governing Board)
 The decisions of the Management Committee as provided for under Clause 10.5 of the Constitution of the Club shall be final and no appeal shall lie from the decision of the Management Committee except as provided for under Clause 10.2 of the Club Constitution.
6.Non – Compliance
 Any member who fails to comply with or go against the decisions of the Management Committee or questions the decisions or / and the implementation of the decisions shall be deemed to commit an act of misconduct considered detrimental to the interests of the Club and shall be liable to further disciplinary action.

(1st Revision 2004)

Approved by the Governing Board
On the 18th day of December, 1993